Competition Rules and Writing up Collection

At the prize giving on 20th April 2022 President Tom Manson donated 4 x 2nd place trophies to the club.
They will be used annually if folk can bring them back.

Due to the COVID pandemic we had to cancel competitions after having just started having them after quite a few years absence due to small number of members, but due to an increase it was felt time was right to start them again. The last time we held them are listed.

This is an older book, but members who struggle writing up a stamp display may find it useful. How to arrange and write up a stamp collection.
Arrange Stamp Collection

Competition Rules
YearSectionEntry TitleWinner
The PDF files contain 1st and 2nd entries.
NO PHOTOS for 2023 yet
2023Single SheetNorfolk Island 75th Anniversary of Australian Air ForceTerry Rankin
Philatelic/Postal HistoryVessels in Papuan WatersTom Manson
PostcardsScots HumourTerry Rankin
ThematicHedgehogsTom Manson
2022Single Sheet 6th April 2022Pacific Jamboree & Rotary 75th Anniversary
(Joint Issue)
Tom Manson
Thematic 6th April 2022Balloons and AirshipsTom Manson
Philatelic : PH 6th April 2022Postal History of Fife Ken Dunn
Postcards 6th April 2022Pittencrieff Park DunfermlineJock Arnott
2021Cancelled due to COVID pandemic
2020Cancelled due to COVID pandemic
2019Single SheetAmerican & British Zone 1946-48 Terry Rankin
ThematicThe Green Turtle Tom Manson
Philatelic/Postal HistoryRelief Postmarks of Papua New Guinea Tom Manson
PostcardMilitary Comic Postcards Terry Rankin
1st Time EntrantPolitical Postal History Ken Dunn
2018Single SheetWee MacGreegor Tom Manson
ThematicBirds of Papua New Guinea Tom Manson
Philatelic/Postal HistoryUnited Kingdom
Postal Strike
Terry Rankin
PostcardSmokey Bear Tom Manson
2017Single SheetEdinburgh Cancellations John Arnott
ThematicWorld Scout JamboreesKen Glibert
Philatelic/Postal HistoryPostal History of FifeAileen Davis
PostcardGeorge Edward Shepheard Tom Manson