New Postmaster for Dundee

Information was received in Dundee yesterday that Mr W. K. Bryson, at present postmaster at Greenock, has been appointed to succeed Mr Gibb at Dundee.
Mr Bryson, who is a native of Kirkcaldy, has had a very extensive experience.
He began his official career in his native town under his brother, who was postmaster at Kirkcaldy till about a year ago.
Over thirty years since Mr Bryson was selected from the Kirkcaldy Post Office to be chief clerk at Inverness.
At that time his superiors recognised in him the ability necessary to cope with such an extensive district.
He continued at Inverness until 1880, discharging his duties with the greatest efficiency, the superintendence of the Highland train carriage by Mr Bryson proving that he had a thorough grasp of postal details.
Of an investive turn of mind, Mr Bryson discovered and suggested many improvements in reference to the service generally, some of which were adopted, while others, though rejected at the time have proved so valuable that they are now being taken up.
Some twenty – years ago the question of sending express letters was advocated by Mr Bryson, and, though approved by his immediate superiors, the scheme was thought impracticable, and allowed to fall into abeyance, until The London Boy Messengers Company forced the Post Office to do something.
About 1880 Mr Bryson was rewarded for zeal in the postal service by being offered the postmastership of Kilmarnock, where he continued till 1887.
During his stay in Kilmarnock he was employed, under the direction of the chief surveyor, Mr E. B. W. Redford, and Mr Gibb, in connection with the introduction of the parcel post system into the southern district of Scotland.
Further promotion was given Mr Bryson when he was called upon to succeed Mr John McGregor as postmaster at Perth, which appointment he held till promoted to Greenock in 1889.
During Mr Bryson’s stay in Greenock he has shown the same efficiency and zeal for the postal service by suggesting and carrying out many important changes for the benefit of the general public.
Mr Bryson is a Free Churchman, and takes an active interest in all that pertains to the welfare of that body.
Mr Gibb intends leaving Dundee on Tuesday for his new appointment.
(The Dundee Courier & Argus (Dundee, Scotland), Saturday, January 16, 1897)