Pathhead Post Office vacancy 1862.

The Post Office – The vacancy in the Pathhead Post Office, caused by Mr Dryburgh giving up the delivery of the letters, has now been filled up by a person belonging to Auchtermuchty. There were four candidates for the situation, and the one who could read the greatest number of addresses on the bacs of letters in the shortest time, and most correctly, was to be the successful candidate of the four applicants. Three belonged to this district, and the fourth to the north.  The wages are to be 10s weekly. Mr Dryburgh is still to hold the Post Office, where letters will be dropped in as usual, and the Stamp Office is also to remain in his hands. The duties of the new deliverer will therefore be, to deliver all letters and newspapers, commencing at the top of the Path, and going northwards, and also to carry the letters in the bag from Pathhead to the Kirkcaldy Post Office, instead of the mail gig, as at present. This new arrangement takes effect on the 1st October next.

Dundee Perth and Cupar Advertiser 1862