Kirkcaldy New Post Office

House of Commons (Monday)
Answering Mr Dalziel,
Mr Hanbury said the Postmaster – General was aware that the Town Council of Kirkcaldy had passed a resolution that it was desirable that the new Post Office for the town should be in High Street, and he would be glad if that desire could be gratified, but full inquiry had been made, and he regretted to say that a suitable site there could not be obtained for anything like the cost the amount of business would justify.
Mr Dalziel said he would call attention to the matter on the estimates.
(The Dundee Courier & Argus (Dundee, Scotland), Tuesday, February 23, 1897)

Kirkcaldy Post Office Site

The Member for the Kirkcaldy Burghs informs me that he proposes to have an interview with the Duke of Norfolk respecting the site of the new Kirkcaldy Post Office. A question which Mr Dalziel asked in the House recently showed that the objection of the Postmaster-General to erecting the new building in the High Street is solely due to the large expense which would be involved in obtaining a site there. The amount of business in Kirkcaldy it was felt would not justify the cost, but Mr Dalziel hopes to be able to represent to the Postmaster-General that he is altogether mistaken in his ideas respecting the importance of the “Lang Toon.”
(The Dundee Courier & Argus (Dundee, Scotland), Saturday, March 06, 1897)

THE KIRKCALDY NEW POST OFFICE . The Courier and Argus (Dundee, Scotland), Tuesday, August 21, 1900
The picture above is the front elevation of the proposed new Post Office to be erected at the west end of Hunter Street, Kirkcaldy, and to which a commencement is expected to be made very shortly.

(The Courier and Argus (Dundee, Scotland), Tuesday, August 21, 1900)