Greetin’s frae Kirkcaldy

We are an ever-growing friendly club, Plenty FREE car parking, FREE WiFi for members.
Come along and have a chat to see if we are what you want for a nice afternoon out, refreshments are available. A small charge £2 per meeting for refreshments and rental of hall plus £6 per year are the costs, if you decide to become a member
We are now on Facebook if you would like to visit click Facebook for details.
Enjoy our site and “Greetin’s frae the Langtoon” it can also be written as Langtoun, this is the nickname for Kirkcaldy due to the length of the esplanade/promenade. At one time the main street in the town hence the name the langtoon / langtoun.
Kirkcaldy the Promenade
The Promenade Kirkcaldy