Interesting postcards from my collection

Dominion Monarch crew autographs 1943
Dominion Monarch
Dominion Monarch
This card was purchased and found to have signatures of some crew members from the ship on the reverse.
I have researched a bit further and found more info for our member (TM webmaster).
At the time of her building, the QSMV (Quadruple Screw Motor Vessel) Dominion Monarch was the most powerful motor liner of her kind in the world and certainly the largest ship operating full time on the Australasian trade. Shaw Savill already had a great deal of experience in operating an all first class only passenger service and they were able to assure their passengers a voyage that would be the ultimate in luxury and in surroundings of style and elegance. The 27,155 ton Dominion Monarch accommodated just 525 passengers, and this combined with her crew of 385, her passenger ratio offered a service that is unequalled to this day.
I found a story from the BBC web site (in two parts) called Life on Board a Troopship that actually dates this postcard to 1943. The author Bob Cotton mentions a relative Mr. Reid, the Staff Chief engineer, if you look on the back of the card Mr Reid has signed it as Staff Chief Engineer, so great to find that article for our member. Part 1 Part 2
There are quite a few good web sites with regard the Dominion Monarch, just use your search engine.
Stockbridge Michigan back of card
Stockbridge Michigan
Stockbridge, Michigan.
Now the back of this card is really interesting. I have transcribed it here for readers.
x; In this small place a friend of 55 years is rounding out 59 years – as a watch repair man. Still a fine crafts man- was 84 as last May 2. George Hurst. by his mother – Sophia Rommel Hurst – a kinsman of General Erwin Rommel.
Village name reaches back through Stockbridge, Massachusetts to Stockbridge -Hants. So I must believe.
Here on July 16 1920, I began working in a Hardware Store – later proprietor became Lacey Watson foodstore.
Uncle Tom's Cabin back of card
Uncle Tom's Cabin
Uncle Tom’s Cabin in Dixie Land.
Mr F Berry
Connaught Park
Dear Pa,
If the “Zeps” do away with your happy home won’t you come here & take a little cabin like other side. Just big enough for two.
Love from Isa.
Advertising Days Afloat back of card
Advertising Days Afloat
Advertising Day’s Afloat
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£1,000 FREE back of card
£1,000 FREE
Advertising card £1,000 FREE
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If ever a card tells you to read the small print (as you should always do on documents) this card certainly does. £1,000 FREE !
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Is Daddy Cooked Yet?
Well - Well anyone would take us for twins
"Darling aren't you afraid of sunburn blisters"
Barry Appleby comic postcards
Barry Appleby 30 August 1909 – 11 March 1996 was a British cartoonist and is best known for his long running Cartoon Strip The artist of course is no longer Barry but the Cartoonist he “licensed” to carry on his “Gambols”. The strip premiered on March 16, 1950. The script was written by his wife Dobs, and was based on their own lives.
Appleby’s father, E J. Appleby, was in the 1940s the editor of Autocar, a leading British motor magazine, and one to which Appleby himself contributed his first illustration in 1931. Later Appleby also wrote for the magazine edited by his father, using the alias “Helix”.
But Barry also drew some very worth while Humorous Postcards; a few of which I’m lucky to possess. But sadly I’m not able to find out more about them; or how many cards/published feature his work. Anybody with information for me can contact our webmaster. (IF)