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KIrkcaldy Stamp & Postcard Club
Next Meeting Wednesday 21st February 2024 we will welcome Ian Anderson from Lothian Postcard Club Subject for his talk and display, Postcards by W & AK Johnston, and Selection from his Collections.
At the meeting yesterday 7th February 2024, we had 20 folk attending and 4 apologies. The talk and display was something we rarely see, i mean competition standard displays, beautifully laid out, we can learn from this, when we enter our own local competitions. The subjects were chosen by a ballot of members and the stamps in my opinion were when stamps were beautifully designed and in particularly engraved, not like modern computer generated ones. Alan Blakeley travelled through from Rutherglen to entertain us and his display and talk was excellent he certainly knew his subjects.
They were - Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland. A vote of thanks was given by Reginald Campbell. Thank you very much Alan. TMPres.
At the first meeting of 2024 today 17th January,
our guest speakers were Tom Manson our President who was accompanied by his younger brother Donald Manson to celebrate them having being members for 40 years. Don gave an excellent display of Kirkcaldy Postal History, and Tom gave his really informative display of the Fire Service. Ian F gave a hearty vote of thanks.
Links for the Display yesterday are now online may take time to load they are A3 size.

Securing and sealing the letter
Victorian Valentines

Hope you enjoy the short glimpse of the display, if you are free why not come along and see the full talks yourself at future meetings. TM Pres.
On Wednesday 15th November 2023, Dr Stewart Gardiner was our guest speaker. 20 members attended the meeting and
his display's were jaw dropping, excellent material which many members were in agreement, that this was perhaps the best display they had ever seen in their time at the Club. Certainly in my 40 years as a member it was up there. Richard G gave a great vote of thanks. Stewart has this morning very kindly sent me copies of his display Valentines and a link to his Gold winning exhibit Sealing and Securing the Letter (Complementing the 1839 Postal Reforms in Great Britain and Ireland,) I will hopefully get them on here later today. Thank you Stewart.
The meeting on Wednesday 1st November was attended by 16 brave souls who tackled the weather to come along to see our own Ken D give a talk and display on Mountain postcards and covers from not only British Isles but further afield, it was very good and Ken told us about his beginning in hill walking and eventually climbing, a very short vote of thanks was given by Ian F.
On 18th October, a very good turn out of members welcomed Bob and Irene Catto from Edinburgh. Bob gave us a very good display of Barbados and talked about how he started the collection and on viewing it some members commented he could have picked a few sheets only especially the varieties and done a full talk on them. He also spoke about how pleased he was to see the Kirkcaldy Stamp & Postcard Club, doing very well, considering Edinburgh Society numbers are less than 10 at some and others having had to amalgamate.
Keep up the good work he said.

TM Pres.
Just to let Members and visitors know, the name of the Church we meet in is changing its name to Kirkcaldy Hope Church, formerly Torbain Parish Church, so meetings are still in the same place.
The Syllabus for 2023 - 2024 is now online,
It is a bit early but due to my health problems, thought better to do it now, to give me time to sort it out. I will be attending meetings when they do not clash with my ongoing hospital visits. TM Pres.

Syllabus 2023-2024
At the last Summer Meeting today 25th July we had 15 members in attendance, Tom the President welcomed members. He asked Ken to explain about the advertising stand he had and about stamp albums he was selling on behalf of a lady he knew. President then said he had managed to complete the syllabus for 2023-24 a brief sheet will hopefully be available at the Stamp Fair on Saturday 19th August in Templehall Church Hall. We are looking for a small display to put up on the day if members want to take part.
Terry gave a short display on Morocco, which was an ongoing project, it was very well laid out as usual by Terry and most interesting.
Reg gave us a talk on a stamp he came across issued in 2021 by Germany 2021, Deep Blue versus Garry Kasparov was a pair of six-game chess matches between then-world chess champion Garry Kasparov and an IBM supercomputer called Deep Blue. Kasparov won the first match, held in Philadelphia in 1996,
by 4–2. Deep Blue won a 1997 rematch held in New York City by 3½–2½. The second match was the first defeat of a reigning world chess champion by a computer under tournament conditions, and was the subject of a documentary film, Game Over: Kasparov and the Machine.
Ian followed with postcards from a family holiday in the Cotswolds, among other topics he brought up, as usual we had to stop him talking.
There was also several tables set up and members selling their own material.
Thank you to members for coming along today and taking part,
hopefully see you at Stamp Fair.