10. 7th March 2018 The Letter “U”

The letter “U” is when members are asked to bring along a stamp, cover, postcard beginning with or in a phrase for example
“Universal Postal Union”. We had several members who took part today and it was enjoyed by all present.
The Underground Railway display was not photographed, hopefully coming soon. The photo album gives you snippets of the displays from today only.

The display’s consisted of :

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(Undenominated stamps)
(Universal Postal Union)
(Used on cover)
(Inverted datestamp or upside doon)
(Post Offices in Papua New Guinea -University, Unitech, Ukarumpa.)
(Quiz sheet with 20 items starting with or second word “U”.)
(Underground Railways)
(Universal Postal Union 75th Anniversary)
(Unmounted mint)
(Universal Postal Union)
(Postcards featuring Umbrella’s, Underwear, Ugly, Urology.)
(Unauthorised Mail, meaning done without official permission.)
(USA Postal History)