10. 4th March 2015 – The Letter “R” afternoon

4th March 2015

The Letter “R” afternoon

We had a large number in attendance for one our favourite meeting’s of the session, when a letter is selected and members bring material pertaining to that letter, today it was “R”. A mixture of subjects and none I believe were duplicated which was very unusual.

Republic of Nauru, Roland Hill, Forth Road Bridge, Religion on Postcards including Lex, Rex a book by the Scottish Presbyterian minister Samuel Rutherford (1600?-1661). The book was published in 1644 with the English subtitle “The Law is King”. Race, Racist, Racism, Rude, Risque, Registered mail, Re-engraving, Revenue Stamps from USA on playing card packets, Rouletted printing, Rouletted in Colour, Rouletted Perce en Arc, Rouletting Pin, Rip Cord Cover, Royal Mail Post and Go labels, Royalty on Stamps, Raptors, and finally Robins displayed by the youngest person to display at the club the granddaughter of the President aged 3 years 11 months. Well done to everyone who took part and for the great banter our club always has with each other.

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