09. 17th Feb. 2016 The letter “S” afternoon.

The meeting today went well with 12 members attending and 8 managing to put up some displays.
Jock did Ships then large Stamp Sets
Geoff showed early Saxony, St Helena and early Spain on cover. All fantastic rarely seen stamps.
Betty showed postcards of St Andrews, Scotland, Spain, Sydney, Singapore.
Terry showed S.W. Africa with accompanying history of the area.
Tom showed Swedish booklets.
Ken did Steam trains on GB booklets and presentation packs.
Bob showed two sheets of stamps from the omnibus series of Queen Elizabeth 11 Coronation.
Aileen showed Malaya Straits Settlement.
In all a very mixed topics, which gave us a very enjoyable afternoon.
Thank you to everyone who took part.
I was unable to attend due to illness but I have created a pdf file if you would like to see a part what I was going to take
“Silly, Stupid Stamp Errors and Mistakes”
Silly, Stupid Stamp Errors and Mistakes.