10. 1st March 2017 – The letter “T” display by members

Today was one of the most popular displays of the season when members bring along stamps, covers, postcards, anything to do with a letter and this time it was “T”.
Yet again members never duplicated another persons display astonishing given 9 members put on a show.
They included:
(tenuous) William D Boyce founder The Lone Scout of America, Blood Transfusion, Booklets – Transport, Dr Who David Tennant, Dr Who Tardis, How the west was won (Transfer stamps) Malaysia – Trengganu, Missing letter T GB Christmas stamp, PNG Toea stamps & coins, Postcards beginning with T plenty names to see here, The World of Theatre, Thomas the Tank Engine, Thunderbirds, Tourists, Traditional Canoes, Tribal Headresses, Tuberculosis, Tuscany.
I have put up photos of the displays online, but not every page is online.

1st March 2017 Letter "T"
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