Syllabus 2022-2023

21st September 2022St Helena part 1Terry RankinVice President
Kirkcaldy Stamp Postcard Club
5th October 2022Recent Acquisitions 5 Oct 2022MembersKirkcaldy Stamp Postcard Club
19th October 2022George L Henshilwood hand drawn coversGeorge L HenshilwoodCaledonian Philatelic Society
2nd November 2022Scout StampsSandy KerrCaledonian Philatelic Society
16th November 2022Nyasaland by Reg CampbellReg CampbellKirkcaldy Stamp Postcard Club
7th December 2022Ascension IslandMike TurnbullFalkirk Philatelic Society
21st December 2022ChristmasMembersKirkcaldy Stamp Postcard Club
18th January 2023Greetin's Frae for webpageTom MansonPresident
Kirkcaldy Stamp Postcard Club
1st February 2023Richard Squires - Scientists Notable and QuotableRichard SquiresSouth Queensferry
15th February 2023St Helena part 2Terry RankinVice President
Kirkcaldy Stamp Postcard Club
1st March 2023Aberdour PostcardsRobin ShermanLothian Postcard Club
15th March 2023Members Display XYZMembersKirkcaldy Stamp Postcard Club
5th April 2023Annual CompetitionsMembersKirkcaldy Stamp Postcard Club
19th April 2023Annual General Meeting" & "Prize givingMembers OnlyKirkcaldy Stamp Postcard Club
31st May 2023Start of Monthly Summer MeetingsMembers Display GB QV Postal HistoryKirkcaldy Stamp Postcard Club
28th June 2023Summer MeetingMembers Display
1. Space fillers from Cut Outs
2. Twinings Tea Cards
3. Postcard Fakes and how to find more info about the printers.
Stamp Meeting 28 June 2023
Kirkcaldy Stamp Postcard Club