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After sitting for 5 hours listening to Geoff's Auction, safe to say it was a very successful day for his family, well done. I hope the new owners take pride in their new purchases the same way that Geoff did collecting and looking after them.

Our late Hon. President Geoff Whitehead's superb stamp collection is mention in the Courier.

The auction catalogue for Geoff's Collection is online now.
The date for the auction is Tuesday 5th October 2021 at 1pm.
Easy Live Auction to bid and watch online.

Cavendish Auction Geoff Whitehead

Sad News for ClubHonorary President of Kirkcaldy Stamp and Postcard Club Geoff Whitehead sadly passed away in his sleep on the morning of the 12th Jan 2021 at the great age of 94
At the age of eleven in 1937 a school friend persuaded Geoff to start collecting stamps and casually suggested that I would also need some hinges. As Geoff’s other hobby was woodwork this rather confused him at first! However with a 1/- XLCR album, he started.Most acquisitions were in mixed packets from Boots or Woolworths and Geoff remembered buying 1937 coronation sets for about 6d or 1/- a set.
Geoff continued collecting and in 1944 he joined the Derby Philatelic Society. The society had been formed in 1905 and he had the privilege to meet so many knowledgeable collectors and see their displays were a revelation.
W.H. Milnes-Marsden and W.A. Townsend were especially helpful and became very good friends. Milnes-Marsden later became President of the Royal Philatelic Society and Townsend, the President.
Geoff served for a Time as Secretary and President. The Derby society had a fine library and Geoff was the librarian for many years, making full use of all the knowledge available.
In 1966 Geoffs’ friend Geoff Manton, who had started Cavendish Auctions in Derby in a small way some years earlier, acquired the business and mailing list of Plymouth auctions which was in liquidation. He urgently needed assistance with the takeover which had doubled the workload and turnover and asked me to join him in the auction business. For the next thirty years or so Geoff was Chief Describer, a stimulating job, handling so many fine collections simply added to his knowledge.Geoff Manton retired and sold the business to James Grimwood –Taylor, a noted postal historian. Geoff was invited to stay on as a consultant and Geoff finally left and came to Scotland in 2004, where he promptly joined the Kirkcaldy Society and maintaining his many years in philately.
Geoffs’ collecting interests over the last eighty years have been varied but have usually centered on the first twenty-five years from 1840 to about 1865. Some countries have been sold including early Netherlands where a few items passed into the collection of W.E.Gerrish, a noted specialist and past president of the R.P.S.L.
Another collection was of early Peru where Geoff attempted some plating and studied the cancellations. Part of the collection was shown at the Royal when members of the Derby Philatelic Society gave a joint display. Geoff also displayed at the 1967 National Exhibition and was awarded a Bronze medal, sadly this collection was stolen when in transit from the USA to London and never recovered.
Geoff has always had a liking for the GB 1840/41 and cape Triangulars and has formed small collections of early Ceylon, B.N.A. German and Italian states etc. and is still occasionally able to add a few items, but he couldn’t get used to today’s prices! Geoff’s collection will eventually be collected personally by Cavendish auctions
At our AGM in April 2016 it was suggested by President Tom Manson that it had been a number of years since we had an Honorary President at the club. With this being our 80th Anniversary he thought this was the correct time to appoint one.The members agreed with Tom's choice of our 90 year old member Geoff Whitehead, who had worked for many years in a Philatelic Auction house in England, Geoff duly accepted. He was presented with his framed certificate at the first meeting of the season on Wednesday 21st September 2016, by President Tom Manson.